Procedures for Patients During COVID-19 Outbreak

Safety First

At PhysioMira Physiotherapy the safety of our patients and our staff is paramount. Our mission is to provide safe an effective care. We are taking every precaution to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. This means we are following special procedures to protect our patients and our staff. The procedures are based on the recommendations by the Government of Ontario, the Chief Medical Office, and the College Of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Procedures for Patients

These are the current procedures we are following. These procedures do change from time to time based on evolving safety recommendations.

Stay home if you have ANY symptoms

If you have any symptoms please stay home: cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat

Use washroom at home

Use the washroom before leaving home for your appointment to reduce trips to our bathrooms

Stay in car upon arrival

When you arrive at our clinic, please stay in your car or wait outside and we will let you know when you should come in

Check in using your phone

When you arrive in the parking lot, use your phone to check in by visiting

Wear a facemask

Before you enter our clinic you must put on a facemask. If you don't have one, we will provide you with one at a cost.

Contactless payment

Please pay by contactless payment. You can use tap on our debit terminal, send an Interac e-Transfer, or pay online by logging in to your account

How we're keeping you safe

We want to assure to all our patients and visitors that we are keeping a safe environment for your in-person physiotherapy visits. We are following all guidelines provided by the Government of Ontario, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health’s, and the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. Based on the recommendation of these governing bodies we have developed and deployed policies and procedures to reduce the risk of transmission of the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the disease COVID-19. Here is how we are changing things:

Patient flow

The patient flow has been modified so that patients are physically distanced from each other. We have restricted indoor waiting areas and are asking patients, if arriving by car, to wait outside until their room is ready for their appointment. Upon arrival at the clinic, patients are to check-in through our website. This sends a notification to the staff and physiotherapists that you are here. We are also encouraging contactless payment using tap on the debit terminal or via online payments. Cash will not be accepted at this time. We have closed our washrooms at our clinics for visitor access, and ask that patients use the bathroom at home before departing for their visit.

Screening patients

We are screening for high-risk patients and for symptoms. On the day before a scheduled appointment we are calling all patients to explain the procedures and to pre-screen them for symptoms. Patients will also be actively screened on the day they arrive at the clinic.

Screening staff

Staff and physiotherapists are asked to self-monitor for any symptoms. Two hours before each shift all staff and physiotherapists check and report any symptoms and are actively screened. If a staff member has any symptoms they cannot report for their shift.

Enhanced cleaning

We have developed rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols that we are following strictly. The cleaning depends on the nature of the use and surface in question. The treatments rooms are cleaned/disinfected between each patient. Items cleaned are but not limited to: treatment tables, headrest, chairs, physio machines, debit terminals, work surfaces, commonly touched areas such as door knobs, etc. In addition, once an hour, we clean/disinfect surfaces outside of the treatment rooms such as handrails, light switches, pens, door knobs, etc.

Protective equipment

Staff and therapist are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as facemasks, goggles,  and gloves and have been instructed to follow proper procedures for putting PPE on and taking it off.

This will be our new normal for a while. One day we will go back to the old normal and will be able to see each other's faces and smiles. In the mean time we thank you for your support and we appreciate you working with us through this period. Stay health and safe!