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Solutions for running realted injuries and pain

I understand running injuries, but more importantly I understand runners.

I know how frustrating it is for you to worry about your running injury. I also know how important running is to you. It is not just a way to stay fit--for you it is a goal, a passion, a way of life. Whether you are an injured professional athlete, training for your first race, or just love running, I know how to help.

Hi, my name is Mira and I'm a Waterloo Physiotherapist

My name is Mira and I provide sports physiotherapy treatment to athletes in Waterloo. Injured runners have been trusting me to manage their running injuries for over 10 years. They include runners of all levels from international level triathletes, Olympic hopefuls, to varsity level athletes; but most of all, people who just love to run and don't want to be sidelined. When you come to see me for your running injury you can count on receiving treatment based on the latest scientific evidence.

Photo of Mira Toth, Waterloo Physiotherapist

I know running

I'm intricately familiar with the science of running, the biomechanics and the physiology involved, and what goes wrong when a runner is injured. This knowledge is what has enabled me to help countless runners just like you to feel less frustrated about their running and continue training towards their goals.

I get runners

I know that as a runner you are unlike other athletes. Running is almost a compulsive behaviour for you, and it is hard to stop when your doctor or other healthcare provider tells you that you need rest. "You need to rest" is probably the most difficult thing for a runner to hear, because being in motion is not optional.

I can help you if:

You are frustrated by a nagging pain or running injury and race day is fast approaching

You have a persistent running injury that keeps coming back showing no sign of recovery

You've tried exercises and stretches from the Internet, but they didn't help ease your pain

You have rested for weeks thinking your running injury will resolve itself

You've been told to stop running but you are concerned how this will impact your training progress

You have tight muscles that you think may be preventing you from performing your best

Success stories from runners I've helped

As a competitive runner and being an injury FREE athlete for my entire career, you can imagine how stressed, worried, concerned, scared (you name it) I was. I searched the web and her reviews exhaustively before seeing her. No one referred me, never seen her before but something made me trust her background and engagement to runners. I gave it a shot in the dark and am so happy I did. The way she approached me to assess my injury, her questions, her touchings to diagnose me were so direct and right on point. Few seconds after she did not even doubt it and came up with my diagnostic (Tibialis Anterior Tendonitis). I did not panic at all, not even stressed out just because of the way she handled it. She is so professional, knowledgeable and assured. It wasn't easy at all to be off running for more than a month but she definitely knew what she was doing and why! Today she got me back on my journey and totally PAIN FREE.

- TB, Google Review

Due to an injury almost 5 years ago, I hadn't been able to keep up with my passion for running, and even day to day life was often met with pain/discomfort. With Mira's professional help, individual treatment plan and encouragement, I recently completed a half marathon - pain free! Her office is easily accessible and parking is never an issue. Making appointments is easy, and I have never had a problem seeing her at a time that suits my schedule.

- DB, Google Review

I can't say enough good things about Mira and her practice. Once I decided not to accept the pain I was in, I sought out physiotherapy on my doc's advice. I'm glad I happened to find Mira, as she [did] a great job putting me at ease (I like my personal space and physiotherapy requires contact!). She's empathetic and a listens well. She makes an effort to inform me of other things I should do to help with my pain. She's more than a therapist, she's also a teacher. I've begun to dream a bit bigger - I thought my running days were over...while I may not be training for a marathon, I do get on the treadmill now without fear and nearly always without pain! New location is great, excellent parking, friendly staff.

- HD, Google Review

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Help your injury heal faster

Physiotherapy stimulates the body's natural healing process

Heal faster and minimize getting injured again

Physiotherapy will help you get back to running in the least amount of time and minimizes the chances of re-injury. Resting may make your pain go away but rehabilitating running injuries is not about making you pain free, it's about healing. When you injure a muscle or a ligament the body repairs itself by building up scar tissue around the injury site. It is like glue to keep a muscle tear together. Unfortunately, scar tissue is brittle and the injury site becomes prone to re-injury. Physiotherapists have knowledge of advanced techniques to minimize scar tissue formation. This will not only get you recovered from your running injury faster, but will ensure that you minimize the chances of you becoming injured again.

Be active in your own recovery

It may surprise you that rest is not always the best way to treat running injuries. Other health care professionals may tell you that you need to rest to recover from your running injury and to stop running. I know that running is almost like an addiction and being fully sidelined is just not an option for many runners. I think of "rest" is a relative concept. It may simply mean reducing your training volume (distance or time spent running). It may surprise you that, depending on your injury, your recovery plan may include running more often!

If you suspect or know you have any of the following running injuries, I can help:

Treatment for the following for upper leg pain

Upper leg pain

Physiotherapy in Waterloo for knee pain

Knee pain

Physiotherapy in Waterloo for lower leg pain

Lower leg pain

Physiotherapy in Kitchener-Waterloo for ankle pain

Ankle pain

Physiotherapy in Waterloo for foot pain: plantar fasciitis, top of the foot pain, bunion stress fracture

Foot pain

Physiotherapy in Waterloo for muscle pain: muscle tear, pulled muscle, compartment syndrome, muscle tightness

Muscle pain

I believe we are all natural runners

I work with your running philosophy

Injured runners who come to see me bring with them various philosophies about running biomechanics and training. I understand that there are a variety of opinions about many aspects of running. I have successfully provided running injury treatment for barefoot and minimalist runners as well as runners who wear traditional running shoes. I've also treated runners who run according to The Pose Method or Chi-Running. I am comfortable combining my knowledge of the human body with your philosophy to work towards a mutual solution for your running injury.

Ready to feel better?