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Re-opening for in-person physiotherapy

We are re-opening our doors—slowly

We will be re-opening our doors for in-person visits next week. As you know all physiotherapy clinics have been closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. During this time, we have been offering virtual care physiotherapy sessions. Honestly, the success we've had with virtual visits has exceeded our's and our patients' expectations.

In-person and virtual care available

With regards to the re-opening, we know there will be two camps of patients, those comfortable with receiving in-person physio, and those who would rather do virtual treatments.

With our re-opening we are going to proceed cautiously, listening to medical experts and to our patients. Initially, we'll use a hybrid model with both in-person and virtual care available. We want to work with your comfort level. If you choose virtual care and we feel you're more likely to benefit from in-person care, we'll invite you to come in and see us if you are comfortable. We can also oscillate between in-person and virtual. It's hard to say right now how things will play out (I think we're all getting used to this feeling of uncertainty...), but we will always have your recovery and safety in mind.

Safety first

The look and feel of your in-person visits may change for a while as we do our best to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus, both from therapist/staff to patient and from patient to therapist/staff (watch video below). As you know the virus can be transmitted even by people who have no symptom.

The safety and comfort of our patients and staff is important and we will follow all guidelines (and more!) provided to us by the Government, the Chief Medical Officer, and the Physiotherapy College. Protecting ourselves, our families, and the public is paramount.

Rigorous cleaning protocols

Rest assured that we are going above any recommendations by our governing bodies for cleaning, disinfecting, and hygiene for a comfortable physiotherapy visit.

Take care and be safe,

The PhysioMira Team