Physiotherapy in Edmonton AB

Being in pain can be rough

But we can get you back to what you love

Physiotherapy in Edmonton AB

Being in pain can be rough

But we can get you back to what you love

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Sports injury recovery for all sports.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Solutions for everyday aches and pains.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic floor solutions for both men and women.

What's stopping you?

Pain-free movement and activity can elude you, but we're here to help

Staying healthy can be hard work and sometimes things get in the way. It often starts with an annoying ache or pain: the stiff and achey low back, the lingering knee pain, the painful shoulder at night. These warning signs can turn into bigger problems if not taken care of, robbing us from doing what we love. 

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Sports injury recovery

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Nothing is more frustrating for athletes than getting injured. Take comfort in knowing that as physiotherapists we have the training and experience to get you back on track. We'll guide you back to recovery so that you can enjoy your sport injury free.

Solutions for everyday aches and pains

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Muscle and joint pain can make everyday life difficult. As a physiotherapist we can offer solutions for most persistent aches and pains. We'll work with you to get you back to a pain free body so that you can get back to doing the day to day things you love.

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Pelvic floor solutions for both women and men

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a worrisome issue for both women and men. They are far too common and often not talked about. We can help find conservative solutions to pelvic floor problems. Together, we'll solve your pelvic floor issues to give you the confidence to enjoy everyday activities.

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Mira Jindani, MScPT

Krystle Steeves - Edmonton Physiotherapist

Krystle Steeves, MScPT


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We are experts in injury and pain solutions

We're registered physiotherapists in Edmonton, Alberta. We specialize in treating and rehabilitating injuries and conditions that affect muscles, joints, ligaments, and nervous tissue. We can help with most bodily aches and pains.

We have years of experience

We’ve helped countless people, from young to old, feel and move better. You can feel comfortable knowing we have the experience to get you pain free and moving again.

We have extensive post-graduate education

We are University of Alberta graduates, and have since taken extensive post-graduate courses to keep on top of the changing science of physiotherapy. We can never stop learning about newer and more effective treatments to deliver the best care possible.

We love everything local #YEG

We love the amenities the city of Edmonton offers. We're always raving about how great the River Valley for running and cycling, and all the fantastic local restaurants and attractions we enjoy with our family and friends. We love hearing from patients about the gems they've discovered in Edmonton.

Our treatment manifesto

We'll find the root problem

Find the root problem

We take the time to understand your history and perform a thorough physical exam to figure out the real source of your pain.

We provide expert care

Provide exceptional care

Providing quality patient-centered physical therapy care is the most important part of being a physiotherapist. 

We'll become your advocate

Become your advocate

We go to bat for you. From advocating for you with your doctor to connecting with other healthcare providers, we work to make sure your recovery is the best one possible.

We follow a thorough process with each of our patients

Your first physiotherapy visit

Thorough Assessment

We talk in-depth about your problem and thoroughly evaluate your movements, muscles, joints and nervous tissue.

Answers to all your questions

We'll answer your most pressing questions about what is causing your pain, what you can do for it, how we can help you, and how long it will take you to get better.

A plan for recovery

You'll come away with a clear understanding of your diagnosis and a plan for recovery.

Physiotherapy Assessment
Physiotherapy Treatment

Your follow-up physio treatments

One-on-one care

You'll receive one-on-one care where we use a variety of knowledge, treatment techniques, and tools from my toolbox, including:

●  Pain science education
●  Advanced manual therapy
●  Request diagnostic imaging
●  Corrective exercises
●  Proprioceptive taping
●  IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation)

You'll stay on track

We'll make sure you stay on track with your recovery program by sending you personalized video instructions of all your exercises.

What our patients are saying about us

Physiotherapy Review

Mira has every bit of the knowledge and tools to make me feel better, and recover from my back injury. She is also willing to try different techniques, and I can tell that she's genuinely interested in my improvement.

- JS, Google Review

PhysioMira Physiotherapy Reviewer

I came in with a high ankle sprain and from the first session I had no doubt that I would recover swiftly from the treatments and exercises. I appreciated that she took time to explain the dynamics of my sprain and the overall recovery process. She not only helped heal my sprain, she also helped me regain my confidence to get back to my active lifestyle.

- FS, Google Review

Physiotherapy Reviews

I thought my ankle would never heal, however, since beginning treatment, I have finally been able to notice a change! I also love the location right by Bonnie Doon mall and the option to book appointments online!

- KH, Google Review

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Ready to feel better?

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we get asked often about physiotherapy

What is physiotherapy?

Our body has an optimal way to move. Poor posture, repetitive sports and activity cause imbalances to occur. These imbalances often remain undetected until there’s pain. Physiotherapists are trained in understanding, evaluating and treating human movement disorders and injuries.

What conditions do you treat?

Here is a small sample of the conditions we treat. If you don't see your issue on the list, don't hesitate to send me a message.

How long does it take to get better?

Once we've had an opportunity to personally understand and assess your problem, we'll be able to give you a timeframe for expected recovery. If we don't feel that progress is happening as expected we will work with you to understand the best course of action.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

No. Physiotherapy is direct access. This means that you don't need a referral to come and see us. However, we'd recommend checking with your extended health (benefits) provider as they may still require a doctor's note to approve your insurance coverage.

Can I use my extended health benefits?

Yes, you can! Check with your benefits provider about how much coverage you have for physiotherapy. We have direct billing for most insurance providers including Alberta Blue Cross, Sun Life, Manulife, Great-West Life, and others. Check full list of companies we direct bill.

What kind of manual therapy do you provide?

We provide a range of manual therapy techniques including joint mobilizations, spinal and peripheral joint manipulations. As well, we use various soft tissue techniques to help improve muscle function.

Do you see post surgical patients?

AHS provides special funding to post-surgical patients for physiotherapy care. It has been some time since AHS has opened up this funding program to newer clinics and unfortunately we do not have this program. However, patients can still choose to see a physiotherapist not under this program and physiotherapy treatments can be submitted to your extended health benefits program.

What is IMS?

IMS or Intramuscular Stimulation is a technique developed by Dr. Gunn, a Vancouver medical doctor. He developed a treatment approach that uses acupuncture needles to address dysfunctional nerves and muscles. When nerves get irritated (neuropathic pain) through compression along the spine, the muscles associated with those nerves become irritated. The irritation results in a shortening of the muscles. By needling these muscles we can help to "reset" the nervous system, reduce pain and improve muscle function.