PhysioMira Physiotherapy is a boutique physical therapy clinic in Waterloo, Ontario, providing effective solutions for pain and injury. This is the essence of what we do, but it's hardly the whole story.

A Place to Heal

Nestled in the shade of an old locust tree, our peaceful clinic is a beacon for those looking for a better, happier self. We strive to offer an unparalleled physiotherapy experience from the moment the first appointment is booked. Our inviting, modern facility, is staffed by physiotherapists who are unapologetically dedicated to their patients' recovery. Our therapists are highly educated, knowledgeable and experienced, and also an energetic and fun bunch to be around. Laughter is a staple in our treatment rooms.

Community Focus

We are not just passionate about getting individuals better, we see ourselves as a puzzle-piece for building better communities. Bodies that can move freely create happy people, and happy people create communities that thrive. Whether it's chasing after kids, giving a friend a helping hand, or being a good teammate; we offer the hope of movement to be the family member, friend, or teammate people aspire to be.

Our Story

We opened our clinic in Waterloo in early 2021 after moving from Edmonton, where PhysioMira Physiotherapy Clinics were trusted and highly regarded in the community. In 2020 we decided to move back to our hometown so we can give back to the community we grew up in. We sold our Edmonton practices to move to the city we love and be closer to our families. We love Waterloo for being such a thriving and diverse community and we didn't want to miss out on that.

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