Sports Injury Physiotherapy in Waterloo

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Solutions for your sports injuries and re-injury prevention.

Sports Injury Recovery and Prevention

We provide sports physiotherapy to athletes in Waterloo. Injured athletes have been trusting us to manage their pain for years. They include athletes of all levels and sports from international level triathletes, Olympic hopefuls, to varsity level athletes; but most of all, people who just love staying active and don't want to be sidelined.

We can help you if

You are frustrated by a nagging pain or injury and game day is fast approaching

You have a persistent injury that keeps coming back showing no sign of recovery

You've tried exercises and stretches from the Internet, but they didn't help ease your pain

You have rested for weeks thinking your injury will resolve itself

You've been told to stop training but you're concerned how this will impact your training progress

You have tight muscles that you think may be preventing you from performing your best

Acute Injuries

Shoulder injuries

Hamstring strain

Groin pull

ACL tear or strain

Back pain

+ more

Overuse Injuries

Shin splints

Knee pain (patellofemoral syndrome)

Tennis or golf elbow


Achilles tendonitis

IT band syndrome

+ more

We've helped many athletes who have sustained injuries from





Figure skating



Many other sports

How we'll help you

Help you get back to sport

Our main aim is to get you back to sport as soon as possible.

We closely monitor your progress, focusing on building strength and stability.

This requires a proper assessment and a precise diagnosis.

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Help you prevent re-injury

Our second goal is not just to get you better but to prevent re-injury.

We understand the body's biomechanics required by your sport.

We'll set functional goals to strengthen your body's ability to withstand the forces that led to the initial injury.

Help your injury heal faster

Physiotherapy stimulates the body's natural healing process

Heal faster, minimize re-injury

Physiotherapy will help you get back to sport in the least amount of time and minimizes the chances of re-injury. Resting may make your pain go away but rehabilitating sports injuries is not about making you pain free, it's about healing.

When you injure a muscle or a ligament the body repairs itself by building up scar tissue around the injury site. It is like glue to keep a muscle tear together. Unfortunately, scar tissue is brittle and the injury site becomes prone to re-injury.

Physiotherapists have knowledge of advanced techniques to minimize scar tissue formation. This will not only get you recovered from your injury faster, but will ensure that you minimize the chances of you becoming injured again.

Be active in your own recovery

It may surprise you that rest is not always the best way to treat injuries.

Other health care professionals may tell you that you need to rest to recover from your injury and to stop your activity. Being fully sidelined is just not an option for many athletes.

We think of "rest" is a relative concept. It may simply mean reducing your training volume. It may surprise you that, depending on your injury, your recovery plan may include training more often!

Ready to feel better?