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Pediatric Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy solutions for your developing little ones

Pediatric (Children's) Physiotherapy

Parenting can be a difficult journey, often with more questions than answers. Our experienced pediatric physiotherapists can provide clarity around any gross motor/developmental concerns or musculoskeletal conditions that arise along the way with infants, toddlers, teens and every age in between.

Conditions we can help with

Gross Motor Delays




Musculoskeletal conditions

Developmental coordination disorder (DCD)

Toe walking

Cerebral palsy

Sports injuries

+ many more

How we can help

We'll complete a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of your child's condition

We'll provide developmentally appropriate recommendations on treatment to assist meeting milestones

We'll provide reassurance and education regarding age appropriate milestones

We'll make recommendations for further medical assessments needed

Pediatric Physiotherapy Services

Some examples of conditions we can treat

Gross Motor Delays

Often parents worry that their child isn’t meeting their milestones as easily or as quickly as their other child did or children they've met. We'll identify gross motor delays, provide developmentally appropriate exercises to assist in meeting milestones, and provide reassurance and education regarding age appropriate milestones.

Pediatric Physiotherapy in Waterloo ON
Pediatric Physiotherapy for Torticollis Waterloo


Your infant may have a a preferred way to look, or may seem to have their head tilting to one side. We have the expertise to assess and diagnose a head tilt/torticollis. We'll provide you with developmentally appropriate exercises for the treatment of muscular tightness or weakness contributing to the torticollis. We can also recommend TOT collars, taping, or other methods as treatment for a persistent head tilt.


Are you worried about your child’s headshape? Not sure if it's getting better with time or what to do about it? We can provide a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of headshape conditions including plagiochephaly, brachychephaly and others. We'll give you developmentally appropriate recommendations on treatment of headshape conditions, education on repositioning, or may recommend a remodeling helmet as a treatment option.

Children's Physiotherapy Waterloo
Children's Physiotherapy in Waterloo


Some children and teenagers have persistent back pain related to their scoliosis. We can complete a comprehensive assessment of their scoliosis and back pain. We'll give you education on treatment options available. We will provide treatment for painful idiopathic scoliosis, and recommendations for further medical assessments if necessary.

We can also treat

Plus many more. Contact us if you have any questions about what we can do for your child.

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