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Virtual Care Physiotherapy

When you can't make it to the clinic, connect with your physiotherapist via our video conferencing app.

Virtual connection—real physiotherapy

When we can't see you in person, we can still help with your pain or injury. A virtual physiotherapy session can be more connected, and focused entirely on you. Using video chat gives us greater insight into your daily life. We are literally in your home and can see things we’d never see during a clinic visit. We can see how you move within the space you’re in majority of the time. As all of us are now confined to our homes for the most part of our days, now more than ever is the time to take care of our bodies.

What is virtual care physiotherapy?

Virtual care physiotherapy is also called tele-health or tele-rehabilitation. It uses online video conferencing to connect you, the patient, with your physiotherapist.

We are now offering physiotherapy solutions through our virtual clinic via our secure web video conferencing platform.

You can connect online with your physiotherapist using your phone, tablet, or computer. You'll get answers to your questions regarding your current progress or new pain.

Telehealth Physiotherapy Edmonton

How online physiotherapy can help

Current Patients

If you are a current patient but can't make it to the clinic.

Check in with your physio about your progress

Progress your specialized exercise program

Implement strategies for self tissue release

We'll provide education on pain science and relief

New Patients

If you need advice about a new condition or problem and how to manage it.

We can assess movement restrictions

We can teach you self palpation to determine tissue tension

Implement specialized exercise program

Implement strategies for self tissue release

Manage your pain

We'll provide education on pain science and relief

How does it work?

1. Book

Schedule an appointment as you would normally, by calling our receptionists or by visiting our online booking site.

2. Download

Download the Physitrack app to your iOS or Android device.

3. Connect

We will email you an invitation to connect to the call at the time of your appointment.

What our patients think of virtual physio

"It was great to be able to discuss my physio needs this way. I had been wondering how many months I might have to wait before getting help what with our covid-19 situation, this way I get to address it now and can start exercises to make it better while I have all this time at home! It's always nice to meet in person - but this was a brilliant way to get support when that is not an option."

- Virtual Care Patient

"When PhysioMira offered this virtual  option I was very skeptical, but I had no need to worry. It was easy to connect with the online link. Mira was able listen to my concerns and offered solutions using materials in my home and other items that she could get for me to use. She was able to guide me on the exercises and able to correct me if my form was not correct through the video link."

- PA, Virtual Care Patient

Covered by benefits

Most extended health care benefits providers will cover virtual visits.

Our physiotherapists offering online care


Mira Jindani, MScPT


Our virtual care platform

All in one convenient app

Easy to join with just one click

Use your phone, tablet, or computer

Secure connection: highest privacy and security standards

No video or audio are ever recorded

See exercise videos right on your screen

Instant access to your prescribed exercises

Online Physiotherapy App

Ready to feel better?

Frequently asked questions

Is virtual care physiotherapy effective?

There are many scientific studies published on the effectiveness of tele-rehabilitation. We can do about 90-100% of what we would do in the clinic.

What app do you use for the video conferencing?

We use an app called PhysiApp which is available in the AppStore for iOS and on Google Play for Android.

I'm worried about my privacy, are the video sessions recorded?

No, we do not record our video chats. We respect your privacy and do not record or store any video or audio. Our app uses HIPAA, PHIPA (Canada) and GDPR compliant technology.

Is it covered by my extended health care benefits?

Insurers we have been in contact with are very happy that we have virtual care as an option. Check with your benefits provider whether they would cover a virtual visit.

Can you direct bill my virtual care physiotherapy visit?

At this time the direct billing systems are not set up for us to submit virtual care visits. However, since the physiotherapy landscape has changed so drastically and rapidly, we have no doubt that this will be possible in the near future.

I don't live in Edmonton, can I still get virtual physio?

Yes, we are licensed to provide virtual physiotherapy to all Alberta residents.